The idea of creating a poem can seem daunting to many people. Poetry is often perceived as being too difficult or is

simply dismissed as a past-time for the literary elite. FIRST STEPS aims to dispel the myths and give you the ‘know how’ to get you writing poetry. Essentially for people who are new to poetry writing, it can also be of help to those who have already been on a course and are looking for some individual direction and encouragement.


FIRST STEPS runs for ten weeks and, as it works via correspondence with Natalie, starts at a time convenient to you. During these weeks you will learn how to use poetic language and forms, as well as aspects of rhythm and rhyme. As the course progresses, through detailed, individual feedback from Natalie, you will be encouraged to find and develop your own poetic voice, using observation, your own life stories and most importantly by learning to see the interesting in the ordinary. By the end of the course you will have crafted a series of poems and poetic responses and be ready to show the world your poetry.


In total there are eight main assignments to complete but you complete as many as you are able, given your individual circumstances. There is no right or wrong amount to complete. However, the poetry assignments are an opportunity to put into practice the writing techniques and skills you are studying, and,

as you get feedback each assignment, the more you complete, the more you will get out of the course. Natalie's students come from a variety of backgrounds and countries, and are all ages. What everyone has in common is an enthusiasm for writing poetry. If you would like to enquire about this course please do

so via the Contact tab.                                                        10 week On-line Course: £175 



From a single poem critique to a full collection appraisal, Natalie offers a mentoring service tailored to your individual writing needs. As a qualified teacher and tutor for Writing Classes Online, Natalie has been critiquing students' creative writing for many years, offering detailed, honest feedback in a friendly, professional manner.


Natalie says: "This service is offered to new writers of poetry or short prose where some precise feedback on their work might give the support they are looking for. I will note those aspects that are working well in a submitted piece and suggest areas that could be improved. My aim is to provide a critical and honest appraisal of the work submitted but in a sensitive way, just as I would wish to receive comments on my own work.”


Mentoring can be conducted in a variety of ways or in combination to suit individual needs and work schedules. This can include contact by email, post, telephone or face to face.  The working language for submissions and appraisals is English and distance should not be a disadvantage. In the first instance get in touch with Natalie via the 'Contact' link to discuss your mentoring needs.  

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Mentoring Service for Writers

Poetry First Steps

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"I Can't thank you enough for the help with the course and the excellent advice.  

But more importantly the confidence you have given someone like me, a shaven headed football fan (!), to write creatively."



"I have benefitted so much from this support and I know that myself, in that I notice a quite stark contrast between the poetry I am now writing and what I wrote before."


Natalie Scott                    


  poet and educator